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15 December 20171 Issue No: 1 

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Grenfell Support News 

Walkways rehousing policy 
consultation extended 

The Council has extended the deadline for the consultation on the draft 
Walkways Rehousing Policy for an extra two weeks to give residents more time to 
give their views. The new deadline is Friday 5 January. 


1 Walkways rehousing policy 
consultation extended 

2 Care for Grenfell 

2 Grenfell Kids Camp 

2 Christmas Day at 
The Curve 

3 Small Talk Saves Lives, 
help and support this 
holiday season 

3 NHS Holiday Season 
Night Service 

3 Housing information 
service at The Curve 

3 Activities and events 
at The Curve 

The Policy looks at the long-term housing options for residents of Barandon, 
Hurstway and Testerton Walks who decide that they do not wish to continue 
living on the Walkways. 

We have already received helpful feedback from residents but we want to hear 
from as many people as possible before the consultation closes. 

To have your say, visit where you can 
read more about the policy and fill in a feedback form. 

4 Support Services on offer 

4 Housing update 

4 RBKC's Winter activities 

4 How can we improve 
Grenfell Support 

Additional financial support over the 
festive period 

Residents who are currently living in a hotel or serviced apartment 
following the Grenfell tragedy will receive additional financial support 
over the Christmas period. 

If you are currently living in a hotel or serviced apartment and are 
receiving the £150/E300 per person weekly food allowance: A one off 

payment will be made to you and any family members who live with you 
of £140 per person. 

If you are currently having some meals paid in your hotel, for example on 
a Bed and Breakfast basis and are receiving food allowance for others: 

A one off payment will be made to you and any family members who live with 
you of £140 per person. 

You receive it automatically before Christmas.Letters are being sent to 
residents with full details. 

This is the first edition of the 
Grenfell Support Newsletter. 

The newsletter is also available 
in Arabic and Farsi languages. 

For regular updates please follow 
us on twitter @grenfellsupport 

and on Facebook at facebook. 
com/grenfellsupport or visit 

Grenfell Support News 

15 December 2017 

Care for Grenfell 

The Care for Grenfell team has been set up for anyone who has been 
affected by the Grenfell tragedy and offers a single point of access to all 
Council services and support. 

The team works to resolve and direct enquiries to the most appropriate 
people and ensure residents and their families are provided with the 
care and support they need. 

Call: 020 7745 6414 


Through Care for Grenfell the Council is providing long-term support 
for people from the tower, surrounding area and the wider community. 

The team's core hours are 8am to 8pm every day, but an out-of-hours 
service also runs seven days a week for emergencies. 

Legal advice can protect your housing rights 

The Law Society strongly encourages you to take advice from a housing 
lawyer before accepting any housing offer. You are likely to be able to get 
free legal advice about this. The North Kensington Law Centre, Citizens 
Advice, Shelter or a housing solicitor will be able to tell you if you are able to 
get free advice, and if so where you can get it. 

Find out more: 

Grenfell Kids Camp 

Grenfell Kids Day Camp (GKDC) 
is a fully funded joint venture 
between Al Manaar Mosque and 
West London Synagogue. 

The camp will run for four days 
from Monday 18 December to 
Thursday 21 December from 9am 
to 4pm. The camp is for children 
aged between 5 and 12 (Reception 
to Year 7). Breakfast and lunch will 
be included and all provisions are 
free to the service users. 

Christmas Day 
at The Curve 

Come to The Curve Community 
Centre on Christmas Day. The 
Centre will be open from 12 noon 
and a festive lunch will be served, 
followed by mince pies, coffee and 
an opportunity for you to mingle 
with your friends and neighbours. 
There will be lots of activities to 
keep the children entertained, 
ranging from arts and crafts and 
computer games to a festive 
movie to watch with the little ones. 
Santa will be dropping by after his 
dash across the globe bringing 
presents for everyone. So please 
do come along and join us. 

If you would like to join us, please 
reserve your place by contacting 
the Care for Grenfell team on 
020 7745 6414 or by emailing 

no later than Sunday 17 
December 2017 


Grenfell Support News 

15 December 2017 

Small Talk Saves Lives, 
holiday season 

The NHS is ready to help anyone 
who is at risk of suicide. 

Anyone who is concerned about 
themselves or about another 
person should call 0800 0234 650 
24 hours a day, every day of the 
year, and NHS staff will listen 
and help. 

The NHS Outreach Team is here to 
assist. They can be called on 
020 8962 4393 (from 10am to 8pm). 

You should seek help if you notice 
the following in you or someone you 
know (watching out for family 
members, neighbours and friends): 

• Changes in behaviour 

• Withdrawal 

• Appearing preoccupied or worried 

• Changes in sleep patterns 

• Saying worrying things 

The Samaritans have produced a 
film about people on the Tube 
thinking of ending their lives; it shows 
how 'small talk saves lives', 
by disrupting the thinking of those 

help and support this 

at risk. You can view the video on 
their twitter feed @samaritans 

The Samaritans are always 
available to call confidentially and 
free 24/7 on 116123. 

Watching over people you're worried 
about can provide vital time to raise 
the alarm by calling the NHS. 

The community has already faced 
an enormous amount of hurt and 
pain; but it has also responded 
with compassion for each other, 
through the volunteers, the 
community groups, the churches 
and faith organisations, and 
gatherings everywhere. 

You can also call Care for Grenfell 
on 020 7745 6414. They provide 
help and support if you are 
worried about yourself or anyone 
you know. This line is open from 
8am to 8pm and also provides an 
out of hours service which can be 
reached on the same number. 

Activities and Events at The Curve 

The Curve Community Centre is 
offering a range of fun activities over 
the festive period and we would be 
delighted if you would join us. 

All activities are free and available to 
everyone on a drop-in basis but do 
look out for age specific events. 

Monday 18 December 

Decoration making workshop - 

Tuesday 19 December 

Adult Yoga - 6pm-7pm 

Wednesday 20 December 

World Coffee Morning - 10am-12pm 

Migrating Stories: Middle East, South 
Asia and Africa -10am-3pm 

Parrots Don't Live in the City - 

Card making workshop - 3pm-6pm 

Thursday 21 December 

Knitting Circle - 10am-12pm 
Pottery for all - 10.30am-12.30pm 

Mindfulness for families - 

Badge and card-making - 3pm-4pm 

Friday 22 December 

Migrating Stories from the Middle 
East, South Asia and Africa - 
10pm-3pm drop in. 

"All about me" workshop - 4pm-6pm 

Boxing Day 26 December 2017 

Join us on Boxing Day to carry on 
with the festivities at The Curve 
Community Centre from 12 noon 
until 8pm. A hot lunch will be served 
from 2pm. 

New Year’s Day 1 January 2018 

Please join us on New Year's Day at 

NHS Holiday Season 
Night Service 

The NHS Night Service will be 
running right through the festive 
season - the only slight change is 
that it will work from 1 am to 8am 
on the nights of 24 December into 
Christmas Day and 31 December 
into New Years day. 

We will be open as usual 10-8 
right through the holiday period. 

We will have staff attending as 
many community events as 
possible to offer support. 


information service 
at The Curve 

We have been trialling reduced 
opening hours for the housing 
information service at The Curve, 
following a drop in the number of 
residents attending for housing 
advice. The new operating hours 
will be Monday to Friday from 
12 noon until 6pm. Outside of 
these hours, residents can call 
Housingline on 020 7361 3008. 

The Curve Community Centre from 
12 noon until 8pm. A selection of 
canapes and a hot and cold buffet 
will be served from 2pm. 

Curve Opening Hours over 
Christmas & New Year 

23-24 Dec (Sat-Sun) Closed 

25-26 Dec (Mon-Tues) 

12 noon to 8pm 

27-29 Dec (Wed-Fri) 10am to 8pm 
30-31 Dec (Sat-Sun) Closed 
1 Jan (Mon) 12 noon to 8pm 
The Curve Community Centre is 
closed over the last two weekends in 
December 2017. 


Grenfell Support News 

15 December 2017 

Housing update 

Finding housing solutions that work for everyone directly affected by the 
Grenfell tragedy remains our absolute priority and we are working hard 
to achieve this, while making sure we work at the pace that each family 
or household feels comfortable with. 

Support Services 
on offer 

Anyone who would like to speak 
to the police in relation to the 
investigation into the fire is asked 
to contact the Met Police on 

0800 032 4539 

Important Contacts 

Bereavement support 

Call the Freephone helpline 

on 0808 8081677 or email 

The line is open 24 hours a day. 

Replacement UK passports, 
visas or immigration queries 

Call our advice line on 0300 303 
2832. The line is open 24 hours. 

Air quality and smoke exposure 

If you have concerns about 
any symptoms, please see 
your doctor or call NHS111. 

Housing support 

If you have any questions 
about housing or want to find 
out who your housing officer 
is please call 0800137 111 
or 020 7361 3008 

Victim support 

Call 08081689 111 for practical 
and emotional support, or visit The line 
is open 24 hours a day. 

The Grenfell Muslim 
Response Unit also offers 
additional support. Find out more 
by emailing 

You can also get physical and 
mental support at the Grenfell 
Assistance Centre. Find out more 
by calling 07712 231 133. 

So far: 

• Total number of households - 210 

• Flouseholds moved into 
accommodation - 99, of which 54 
are in temporary accommodation 
and 45 are in permanent 

householders in emergency 
accommodation - 111 

Accommodation offers accepted 
- 50, of which 38 are permanent 
and 12 are temporary 

These numbers are accurate as of 

14 December 2017 

RBKC's Winter Activities 

A brochure highlighting a range of fun activities has been put together for 
children, young people, adults and families, at venues across the borough. 
The Winter Holidays Activities brochure provides information on the activities 
available. It is available on the RBKC website under "Winter Activities" at 

How can we improve Grenfell Support Newsletter? 

This is the first edition of the Grenfell Support newsletter. The new-look newsletter has taken on board feedback 
from residents to improve content and design. If you have any feedback about what you would like the newsletter 
to feature, you can give us your feedback on twitter or Facebook. Search for @GrenfellSupport. 

Alternatively, you can email us on